Land Survey Records Inc.

Membership Benefits

  • Online Repository:

    Gain access to all of your surveys, 24 hours a day, from any computer with Internet access. Search, view and retrieve all of your documents instantly from one convenient location. Members can search using internal information such as project number and legal description. Reprints can be made from the electronic copy simply and easily.

  • Get paid for your surveys:

    There is a direct input of cash flow to firms using the Land Survey Records Inc. system and an increase in the fair market value and saleability of the firm. The attached PDF file is the opinion letter that Mr. Brown has written.

    Every time someone purchases one of your surveys, you will be financially compensated, even for registered and deposited plans.

  • Search other surveys:

    Gain instant access to thousands of surveys from other professionals across the province. Land Survey Records will be your one-stop contact point for research and retrieval of surveys when starting a new job.

  • Forget costly archival software:

    With Land Survey Records, your need for archive software is met: all you need is your web browser. All field notes, correspondence, draft copy drawings, and final surveys can be submitted to the system and are now instantly secured off-site against fire and water damage. Fully searchable and retrievable in seconds from any computer in your office or home, the need for expensive data archiving software is obsolete.

  • Offsite Backup

    Should fire or flood ever affect your business location, rest assured knowing that your valuable plans are safely stored on our server, miles away.

How the System Works

You will begin by scanning all of your surveys using the special software that we provide. Next, you upload all of your surveys to our server. Using the special coding window on our server, you can now encode all of your surveys with all of the pertinent information such as the lot number, date, concession, plan number, etc. This will make it possible for you and others to locate these surveys.

You can also upload other documents such as field notes and link these to the survey. When you code your drawing or other documents, you assign a security level to it so they can be made accessible only to you, accessible to other surveyors only or accessible to the general public.

As a member, you will also have access to our powerful searching software which will make other surveys available to you instantly.

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